Calendar and Contacts Sync with iphone Calendar and Contacts Sync with android
Calendar and Contacts in Groupware sync with your Iphone in the default menu.

How to use - Select folder to sync

Select folder to sync with iPhone [Calendar, Contacts > Mobile Sync]

My Calendar and My Contacts are sync basically without selecting.
Upload and download of picture in Contacts is possible.

How to use - Add account

1. Open the Settings application on your iPhone's home screen.
Open Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
Press Add Account.

2. Select "Other" and use CalDAV for Contacts and CalDAV for Calendar.

3. Enter your account information and it will be added.
    (You can import webmail by POP3)

How to use - Calendar

1. Groupware Calendar sync with your iPhone's Calendar.

2. And Groupware Calendar will be displayed in your iPhone's Calendar.

How to use - Contacts

1. Groupware Contacts sync with your iPhone's Contacts.

2. And Groupware Contacts will be displayed in your iPhone's Contacts.